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03 | LOUD WOMEN Fest

LOUD WOMEN is a not-for-profit initiative started by Cassie Fox. It’s a group for all those who support putting women on stage and turning up the volume. We spoke to Cassie about the upcoming LOUD WOMEN Fest — how it all started and why it’s important. The one-day festival is happening this month, 14th September, at The Dome and Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park.

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02 | 'Time Crawler'

'Time Crawler' is a track that was created by a group of LCM students. In this episode, we talk to Andre Ocampo (Composer and Producer) and Jorge Riquelme (Mix and Master Engineer) about the creation and meaning of 'Time Crawler'. We also get to know other works and upcoming projects by Andre through his alias Alta Phaxsi and Jorge through his producer name EART.

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01 | Introduction

Welcome to Believe the Hype. A brand new podcast for upcoming artists, bands, musicians, producers, DJ's, festivals, managers, and anyone in the music industry. In this episode, we talk to the two main organisers of The MNGR. We discuss what The MNGR is about, what it offers to upcoming musicians, and a bit about behind the scenes of a manager in the music industry.

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