UON: ‘Exit’ / Single Review


UON (Urgency of Now) is an Australian project led by producer Simon Segal, from a ‘boutique production label’ called Prototype Musique. They are not the average band in the sense that their work is quite cerebral. This band got in touch with me via the ECLECTIC show on UWL’s Blast Radio, where they got airplay. The band consists of: Susan Hume (Vocals), Simon Segal (Synthesizers), Paul Healy (Piano), Bindy Cohen (Drums), Milton Nomikoudis (Vocal Melody Wrangling), Wayne Rintoul (Studio Wrangling), Dallas Cosmas (Acoustic Guitar, Bass)

They released their debut single ‘Exit’ this past April.

The lyrics of the song suggest a communication problem within a relationship and feeling trapped but the protagonist/heroine tries to break the walls, inviting her companion to join her in a walk. Susan’s vocal delivery is very well-adjusted to the oppressive atmosphere created by the synths. The layers of synths and distorted guitars (or are they synths as well?) build up to a very full sound and suddenly… there is a key change and here’s a new section with a brighter feel, acoustic guitar, a more human, natural sound symbolising positivity, a cinematic piano part and overall an epic atmosphere suggesting images of a clearing after the dense, dark forest of synths (harmonic fillers, melodic lines and riffs).

There is a lot going on in there and some of the melodic lines are often in the background while the chords are very much in the foreground, which is of course an interesting production choice.

If you like powerful, rich productions and strong yet velvety vocals, this is the track for you. It will take you several listens to work out what instruments do what, but that’s the fun of listening to music isn’t it? Magic. Not your average band, not your average single!


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Written by Fabrizio Vincente