The Relights: ‘Among the Ghosts’ / Single Review


The Relights is a Bedfordshire-based band in the genre of psychedelic-indie rock. The band has been in the game since 2015, marking their own style and melodies. The Relights have expanded their horizons by performing in different cities, and with a variety of demos they have become a great indie-rock band.

With their most recent single ‘Among the Ghosts’, the group has overcome their own musicality. ‘Among the Ghosts’ is a great thrill portraying a love song and a blend of special spacial dynamic range. It gives a feeling of being re-comforted in your own world. 

The guitar transitions relate with the constant drumming technique balancing perfectly with the rest of the instrumentation. The song could easily be a reference to Coldplay or U2 with its own diversity within the psychedelic sound. The choruses give out a perfect touch, smoothing the rock side. It’s hard to not notice the over compression in the mix which makes perfect sense due to the specific style. It also brings up a lot of little details within transitions and towards the end of the track.


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Written by Ana Bulnes