Tennis Club: 'Pink' / Album Review


The new album Pink by Tennis Club provides an all-time ’60s sound, with every track oozing a lo-fi vintage style. The record captivates the all-around feel of a home recording and executes it in an organic fashion. The soulful vibe of Pink contains great rhythms and sounds you can’t help but love. From acoustic guitars that are reminiscent of The Ventures, The Beach Boys, and Elvis Presley to name a few, the band puts out an incredible musical intonation of that specific time with their music. I’m happy to say that I love the band because it brings us back in time with their riffs and vocals that are a personification of the ’60s in the 21st century.

‘Mexico City’ cuts it through with Spanish lyrics that translate to what your average guy would feel like in that time. Synonymously, ‘Stay’ also pushes towards specific style. The over compressed guitars with a very unattended drum kit accompanied with the intention of filling in the gaps of the recording demonstrate great complexity with the vocals.

‘Car Beers’ feels like watching the end of the movie in an outdoor cinema! An all-time thriller with great shifts between the verse and the chorus. The song’s dynamics layout perfectly with the structure. The band focused mainly on the composition with that  ’60s texture. From the lyrics, vocals, instruments to the composition… it all comes up together for the perfect record that is called Pink. Proudly listening to this EP, the vintage-old time romantic style brought up all of those great memories from movies and stories from that time.


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Written by Ana Bulnes