Networking Events: 30 September-6 October


CMU Insights Seminar Presents: The Music Rights Sector

  • 30 September, 18:30 – 20:30

  • £60 – £75 (Purchase Ticket)

  • This two-hour seminar provides an overview of the various elements of the music rights sector and how they are performing in 2019.

Music Managers Forum Presents: Mechanics of Music Management Seminar: Where Management Fits In

  • 1 October, 17:30 – 20:30

  • £120 (Purchase Ticket)

  • ‘The Mechanics Of Music Management’ is a training programme from MMF delivered by CMU Insights and led by Chris Cooke and Marcus O’Dair. A series of five seminars exploring best practice and current trends in artist management, together these sessions provide a comprehensive guide to artist revenue streams and business models, music rights and record deals, fanbase building and direct-to-fan relationships, and explain where the manager fits in with each of these strands of the business. Each seminar consists of two lectures, interactive exercises, discussions and a Q&A session.

Zoe Gospel Promotions Presents: UpScale Project: Branding, Marketing & PR, Radio Training

  • 1 October, 10:00 – 17:00

  • £19.99 (Purchase Ticket)

  • Marketing, branding, audience building, personality, and communication amongst a range of other things you will learn in this project. This will lead to creating your own content and a supporting act slot for a grand show in an 800-1000 capacity venue in London. As part of this project Dave P and Helen Le Paul from UGN Jamz Radio will be helping you enhance your radio experience. - So if you are a newcomer or are interested in radio presenting and fine tuning your radio broadcasting skills, then these workshops are for you.

Written by Eethan Bello

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