Networking Events: 23-29 September


Showstopper! Presents: #LadiesoftheStave: A Networking Session for Female Musicians

  • 23 September, 17:45—19:30

  • Free (Ticket Registration)

  • The Musicians' Union and Showstopper The Improvised Musical are delighted to be hosting this networking event, the latest event in the #LadiesoftheStave initiative to support female musicians and musical directors in theatre. There will be a short talk from a leading female musical director.

Exilence Presents: Unlocking Music: Distribution in the Streaming Era

  • 24 September, 17:30—22:00

  • £5.98–£11.37 (Purchase Tickets)

  • Exilience is a collective of music producers, performers and creatives based in London aiming at disrupting the current hype-driven music scene. The event will focus on the music digital distribution business with some special guests in the music industry. Discussions about what music distribution is, what it used to be - before the streaming era - and what will (likely) happen to this vital activity in a future made of both the opportunities the challenges of the digital market.

Mainstage Live Presents: Women N Words

  • 25 September, 19:00—22:00

  • Free (Ticket Registration)

  • Women N Words is London's bi-monthly showcase and networking event for girls creating purpose for themselves. Special guest will be the singer songwriter Annie Afrilu.

Written by Monika Dincheva

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