Loud Women Fest Presents: The Txlips

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Hailing all the way from Atlanta, USA are The Txlips rock band. Amongst this dynamic group of diverse Black women who will be performing at Loud Women Fest includes Guitar Gabby (band manager, lead vocal, lead guitar), Dara Carter (keys, vocals), and Armani Cross (bass, vocals). The Txlips has contributed to pushing the status quo of what the world says women can do; their mission is to challenge the boundaries set for women in the music industry as well as to inspire girls and women worldwide to be an unstoppable force.

Their most recent EP Queens of the New Age features four melodic and thematic tracks about realisation and redemption. All tracks features instrumental solos of varying intensity, but the keys are notable and adds balance to the guitar- and drum-heavy tracks. The fast-paced energy of the instrumentals backing the delivery of Gabby’s vocals creates the illusion of a storyteller.

This EP was meant to encourage women everywhere to stand up in their magic and to push through each and every boundary life sets before you. Keep going and don’t give up.
— The Txlips

The chorus from ‘Die Today’ is felt with a desensitised tone, delivering the line “you say significant things about my life that mean absolutely nothing to me” and creating a powerful impact to the listener. ‘Another Tear’ talks about a breakup and showing vulnerability when someone doesn’t care about you as much as you cared about them. I personally interpret the song as something could be related to platonically or non-platonically when it reaches the last verse. ‘Your Addictions in this Parallel Life’ is structured similar lyrically to the first track; the guitar and drums in the melody suits the lyrics and vocal delivery very well. ‘The Lost One’ is my favourite track from the EP, it’s lively, blunt, and it does make you feel like you’re already dancing in the rain (just not slowly as the song says). ‘The Lost One’ feels like the perfect close to this EP, it feels like the end of a chapter with a bright, albeit rocky, beginning to the next chapter, and just taking on the world every single day.


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Written by Eethan Bello