Loud Women Fest Presents: Peach Club

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Peach Club are your friendly Riot Grrrls hailing from Norwich, UK. They make funky, punky political songs to make you inspired, angry and sing your heart out. The lineup consists of Katie Revell (vocals), Charlie Hart (guitar), Amanda Mackinnon (bass) and Rebecca Wren (drums). The four girls have been making an impact in the DIY scene since their formation in 2016, and these proud and loud feminists have a lot to say.

Post Modern Siren is the third EP from Peach Club. This EP shows that the band have honed in on their sound, it’s the most cohesive sounding record compared to their previous releases. The songs are still catchy, and they’re louder and angrier. Every song is delivered with a passion that you feel comes sincerely from the heart, and they’re all packed with a punch.

This is the best work we’ve ever done. I’m proud of each one of these songs and I can’t wait to scream them into peoples faces and connect with our audience even more through these common shared experiences. This EP makes me inspired and excited for the future of Peach Club.
— Katie Revell

‘Faux Feminist’ talks about men saying they’re feminists but not supporting their words with actions. Revell delivers the lyrics “I’m on your side! I’m on your side! I’m on your side! I’m on your side!”  with a wave of strong mocking anger, the emotion from her voice can really be felt. ‘Want Me’ tells the story of finding self-worth, and it’s inspiring. ‘Lizard’ is a drum-heavy and fast track, with anthemic lyrics that’ll keep you chanting “you know the alt-right, ain’t right” even when they’re done performing the track. ‘Ruby’ is my favourite track, it talks about just wanting to enjoy yourself during nights out with friends and someone ruining it by thinking that you’re there for their enjoyment. I’m sure it’s something that many have experienced on nights out, and honestly, it really does ruin a night when you just want to enjoy time with your friends but you have to stay aware and look out for each other to make sure that no one is uncomfortable because someone is invading their space. ‘Not Ur Girl’ was the single leading to the release of Post Modern Siren, and it sets the theme of the EP. The track features really strong lyrics, “I'm not your girl / I'm not your world / I'm not your anything / I am a person”.

The EP overall showcases the talent from Peach Club. The tracks are executed with such a high quality, from the melody, guitar riffs, bass grooves, drum beats, to the vocals. Peach Club is one that should definitely be kept an eye on.


More on Peach Club:
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Written by Eethan Bello