Little Grim: 'All on Black' / Single Review

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London four-piece Little Grim released the first single from their upcoming sophomore EP. ‘All on Black’ was recorded in Deptford with producer Brett Cox (Jack Garratt, Tusks, Vök). The band found themselves drawing inspiration from the 90’s video games they played throughout their youth (particularly Star Wars Pod Racers) to lend a unique and nostalgic soundscape to the track.

‘All on Black’ is a melancholic, rock-pop song that portrays a specific sound. The lyrics come as a great development in the song, with the intro feeling like being in church on a Sunday in the '70s. The guitar riffs lead along with the drumming patterns that make it sound so chic and flaunty. The vocals are appealing with those sassy backing vocals creating a great combination in favour of the distorted electronic elements of the track. The chorus is an intriguing passage that makes you want to stay focused on the song and the old vintage compressed tonality fits perfectly.

Singer Joe Murphy says, “The band were working multiple jobs and we barely ever saw each other. We were passing ships in the night. So, we hooked up a laptop to a microphone in the hallway and would find new recording ideas mysteriously left for one another. I’d wake up one day, open it up, and find a completely new section of the song waiting for me. It felt completely unpredictable.”

 Overall, it’s one of the best productions I’ve heard within the genre this summer!


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Written by Ana Bulnes Castillo