Hurtsfall: 'Lucid' / Single Review


Hurtsfall is a post-punk band hailing from Nottingham, known for their great live performances and cool synth gear. They don’t just stick to one genre: they have gothic overtones and synth-pop sensibilities. Hurtsfall was established in 2017 with members Sam Harrison-Emm (vocals), Mike Sinclair (bass), Jamie Laws (keys), and Dave Perkins (drums).

Their latest single ‘Lucid’ contains many rock elements: the puppy drum kit that takes up a lot of space in the track, the amazing vocals with echoes and fun reverb all throughout the song. We can’t miss the immense synth on the background combined with the bass trespassing the reality of the genre. The song maintains a steady rhythm up until the bridge with some overtones in the synth. As an all punk-rock song, the group keeps its margin with all of the music elements and underrated dynamics.


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Written by Ana Bulnes