Georgia Meek: ‘Bones’ / Single Review


Georgia Meek is one of the young, exciting, and upcoming UK pop artists to look out for this year.

Georgia is a very versatile artist with many talents; she is a singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. She has been successful in various bands which was where her musical journey started. She woke the interest of Huw Stephens, Shell Zenner, and BBC Introducing, who offered their support. Back in 2017, Georgia dared to take another step and began working on her solo career, which was successful and she has had an influence on both fans and the music industry. Her debut single ‘Bare’ was streamed 18,000 times during the first night after the release, and has been listened to over 350,000 times since then. In her solo career so far, she has been featured in Love Island, Clash Magazine, TMRW, Stylist, Wonderland Magazine And Missguided.

‘Bones’ is Georgia’s brand new single, which is a very convincing and upbeat tune. She shows off her amazing vocal range, as well as her talent as a songwriter since she has written the song alongside Patrick McManus. The lyrics are crafted with well-thought metaphors, making the song really interesting. The instrumental matches the vocals very well and build up a climax, it’s obvious that Meek’s vocals is the spotlight of the track. The up and coming artist really proves her various talents throughout the 3-minute long single. Georgia also manages to bring an inspiring message across which, as the singer herself states, is about the realisation we adults make when us adults are growing up; that nothing lasts forever. Listen to ‘Bones’ below.


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Written by Lena Burger