Friendly Fires at New Slang / Gig Review


9 years have passed since Friendly Fires last played at New Slang hosted by Banquet Records, now with a new record titled Inflorescent, they are back and not one bit of passion and fire has been lost in the long time they have been away.

Cramming about 7 musicians including 3 different percussion players onto a tiny stage, the band kicked off with ‘Lovesick’ filling the venue with funky indie house. The band included the audience in a competition, giving away a copy of their latest album on vinyl to the best dancer in the venue; however, this competition was short lived as the lead singer, Ed did not know who to award the album to and frisbee’d it into the crowd. As the set continued, with the group playing most of the singles released from their upcoming album including a cover of the classic acid house track ‘Lack of Love’.


I am not too sure what was the best thing about this show: the music or the amazing dancing done by Ed thrusting and strutting around the stage, the crowd loved every minute of it. During the second song ‘Jump In The Pool’, Ed literally did that throwing himself into the crowd playing the cowbell as the crowd moshed around him. He later danced around the venue going upstairs to dance with the onlookers before jumping back onto the stage to finish the set. “We are only doing a short set so let’s tear it up!” They definitely tore it up and I am very excited for their UK and Europe tour later this year.



Written by Tobias Dwyer