BuBounce: ‘My Big Banana’ / Single Review


Based in Bedfordshire, BuBounce, in their own words are a “High Energy Ska Band taking and mixing their set through the many eras of Ska and its subsidiary genres”. They do covers, but the single ‘My Big Banana’ is one of their originals.

 ‘My Big Banana’ does meet the expectations set by a band that claims to have no more intention than to have fun! I mean those guys make banana rhyme with Botswana! (I can’t help remembering, back in the day, Ludwig Von 88, a French punk band who rhymed Haribo with Congo, it must be that sort of rude boy humour). I could also mention the enumeration from 1 to 4, of (banana) skins – could this be a tribute to the Oi! Band, The 4-Skins?  Needless to add this band exudes camaraderie, humour and fun. The line-up seems to vary (according to the photo gallery on their website) but as I understand it, the single features: Meathead on vocals, Nate and Tom on guitars, Steve on Bass, Aidan on drums, Pam and Richard on saxophones.

There is a tight rhythm section (2 guitars, drums, bass) and the recording has bags of energy while all the components for a Ska number are there, the off beats, the muted guitar riffs, the nicely executed tempo changes (I loved that), a big beefy bass, all this topped by very strong vocals. However, the production on the horn section was a little disappointing for me: the saxophones sound is a little dry and thin, BUT the high-energy spirit is there.

I would totally love to see this band live as they have huge appeal for me, they do covers from ‘Town Called Malice’ to ‘Three Little Birds’ via ‘Tears of a Clown’, wow, must take a trip to Bedfordshire soon!


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Written by Fabrizio Vincente