Venus: 'Sour' / Single Review


Venus is a 5-piece synth rock band from Leeds. Their members consist of Grace Kelly (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Jess Ayres (Lead Guitar), Hannah Barraclough (Bass), Gabby Cooke (Drums), and Grace Stubbings (Synth). Venus’ combined Riot Grrrl aesthetics and feminist activism envision them like a powerful tornado that you can’t help but get sucked into.

Sour describes the aggravation derived from shallow characters pre-conceptually generalising or judging you, and mistakenly thinking they’ve ‘figured you out’. If you’re someone who has been alienated, demonised or simply bullied for being who you are, I hope this song gives you some comfort. But a big thank you, to the perpetrators who inspired us to write this song. I hope you listen to it.

Grace Kelly

‘Sour’ is a cutting and electric track, boasting nearly four and a half minutes of raucous guitars and a steady drum rhythm that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat. The instrumentation works in tandem with the lyrics, easily illustrating the emotions that the singer feels. The lyrics are confrontational, blunt, and intimidating; delivered fiercely with an alluring touch by vocalist Grace Kelly. The bridge is a strong build up of tension, finally exploding into an energetic reverb-heavy outro. Overall, it’s strong and it feels empowering.


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Written by Eethan Bello