Cavalane: 'SO / LOW' / Single Review


What would an 80's pop-rock song sound like in the year of 2019? ‘SO / LOW’ by Cavalane.

Cavalane is a five-piece Swedish pop-rock band, widely influenced by the likes of The 1975, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy. The band formed in 2015, now including members Jakob Wedlund (vocals), Joakim Hällnäs (guitar/vocals), Pontus Flygare (guitar), Jakob Alf (bass/vocals), and Leon Höglund (drums/pads).

‘SO / LOW’ challenges the new pop-rock era by persuading their audience through their vintage sound, but still managing to follow the mainstream. ‘SO / LOW’ creates great shades of layers by trespassing the vocal-pop boundaries. With soaring musicality, it becomes a great new rock band, travelling through time and coming back again. The colours that the guitars give throughout the song definitely compliment their style, enhancing the genre and delivering a great performance.

Sonically, the song is reminiscent of early 80's with a flavour of new radio pop, conjoined in a way that makes the song a new and refreshing take on an otherwise overused pop form.

Cavalane’s experimental delivery gives us something more than just another song, and we can’t wait to hear more from them.


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Written by Ana Bulnes Castillo