Lewis Jack Inman: Far Away / Album Review


Lewis Jack Inman is a musician based in Leeds. He was the primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the band Fossilz between 2014 to 2017. After separating from the band, Inman started to work on his own material. Far Away is his first solo album, written and produced by himself in his home studio. It was released on May 3rd, 2019.

The album is introduced with an organic and minimal ambience, there instrumentation consists of the guitar and some percussion. The genres vary between indie, folk, alternative, ambient music. The nature of the album makes it suitable for easy listening and is generally comforting. The songs tend to focus on themes of love and freedom.

Track 3 is ‘Lovebite’, which refers to a hickey left on a person’s neck. This represents passion in the context and is followed by a verse saying “This moment’s all I need with you”. This song in is about loving someone deeply, which feels so wholesome that you don’t need anything else apart from that moment. Track 7 is ‘Breaking Out’ which focuses on freedom. There is a phrase “I taste freedom” repeated over and over again in the context of being limited by someone and finally being able to break out of that cage. It’s popular in the modern society to limit others by raising some standards and also adding boundaries to make everyone as similar as possible. That is why ‘Breaking Out’ of it feels so good, because you can be your own person.

All in all, this album is so sincere, honest and natural, it feels so good to hear something like that, when the music industry is filled with electronic sounds. As his first album produced, it is a great step towards something even bigger.


Listen to Far Away on Bandcamp.

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Written by Patricija Pazusyte