Crush Live Presents James Collins, Kizzie, Tazrian Haq, and Jenny Willett


The first gig hosted by Crush Live was a great start for a brand new and independent business. The message of Crush Live is to provide spotlight to upcoming artists and musicians in the industry; there’s also a focus on current university students where a lot of talent lies.

The gig was hosted at the intimate basement music venue, Roadtrip and the Workshop, located in Shoreditch. The lineup featured Jenny Willett, Tazrian Haq, Kizzie, and James Collins. Jenny Willett and Tazrian Haq are students from the University of West London (London College of Music); Kizzie and James Collins are students from The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

James Collins kicked off the evening with an acoustic set, performing songs from his most recent project ‘Room’ which was released this past January. Collins’ charismatic personality partnered with his rhythmic tunes set a warm ambience for the gig. Kizzie followed with a very heartfelt performance, capturing the audience with her voice and songs. Tazrian Haq livened up the crowd with the mix of songs from his most recent EP, released on the same day. Lucky for the crowd who got to listen first! Jenny Willett closed the gig with a lively band, filled with energetic guitar riffs.

Catch Crush Life’s next gig at Roadtrip and the Workshop on 15th June! Event info available on Facebook.

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