Wharf: 'Drinking For Two' / Single Review


‘Drinking For Two’ is a great indie pop-rock song that brings back the heartbreak and the sentiment originally found within the genre of rock. The song is about falling out of a great love story which definitely fulfils those emotions through it’s agonising dynamics. The instrumentations gives out a huge impact of those emotions, making it clear how the character really feels towards his partner. ‘Drinking For Two’ aspires towards a rock drama; and without a doubt, it’s a song that’s a quick add into any playlists dedicated to heartbreak and feelings.

"The song was inspired by the feeling of longing for a person. Even though one knows they are no good, one can't help but still go back to that person for comfort."


‘Drinking For Two’ leans more towards an alternative rock sound compared to Wharf’s previous singles ‘Talk A Little’ and ‘Cavalry Twill’, which showcases their versatility and excites us for what’s more to come from the band.

The four-piece band is based in London and consists of Liam Stone (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jordan Heather (lead guitar), Bradley Caston (drums), and Calum Lockie (bass).


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Written by Ana Bulnes Castillo