Plain Sails: 'Scars' / Single Review


Plain Sails return with their second single of the year. ‘Scars’ takes you through four-minutes of euphoric energy and messages of hope and support.

The track is introduced with buoyant keys followed by an outpour of guitar riffs, drums, and bass grooves. Throughout the track, the tempo rises and falls with Chappell’s strong vocals. The lyrics feels like a conversation with the listener: an open discussion about ourselves and what we’re hiding, providing an understanding that running away or closing off doesn’t solve anything. The underlying keys and synths provides a warm, reassuring tone simultaneous to the baring lyrics. The electric guitar with the use of pedal effects in different parts alongside the bass heavy grooves lay down the foundation for the mood of the song, supporting the momentous lyrics. The guitars and drums during the bridge feels like a moment of realisation; accepting the helping hand being offered in order to see our own scars as what makes us who we are, instead of hiding them. The exuberant drums keep the energy of the song high; only slowing down at the beginning of the bridge, followed by an intense rolling drumbeat and a break leading into the outro. The key- and reverb- heavy outro ends the song on a serene note, feeling like an exhale from a long bated breath.

"'Scars' is a discussion about the demons we all hide. The wounds, internal & external, that we see as ugly & feel insecure about. It’s about not being ashamed of these aspects of ourselves, that we’re all a product of our experiences, good or bad, and that it’s ok either way."

Andy Chappell, vocals and guitar

Overall, ‘Scars’ touches the discussion of being human. Knowing that everyone goes through different experiences that shapes them, whether the intensity of the situation is low or high. The powerful single with it’s infectious lyrics and instrumentation gives you a feeling of empathy and assurance.

The London/Manchester based 4-piece band includes members Andrew Chappell (vocals, guitar), Leigh Greenhough (lead guitar), Andy Tanaka (backing vocals, bass), and Jack Bullock (drums). Plain Sails will be featured in the third session of our acoustic lounge sessions Grey Area. More information will be released throughout the week.

Make sure to catch Plain Sails on tour this Spring/Summer 2019! All the dates are below and links to purchase tickets can be found on their website.


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Written by Eethan Bello