Sub Blue: 'Wilfully Blind' / EP Review


There is nothing like a good heartfelt record that delivers and transmits its own artistic expression through its music. This is exactly what “The Sub” does in his latest EP Wilfully Blind.

Sub Blue, the Liverpudlian R&B-alternative genre artist, returns with his brand new EP. Past all the classical love songs and romantic style, Sub Blue takes us inside the real life struggles that musicians and artists go through within the music industry, addictions and society pressure.

The artist has had a great outreach with his music and has been supported by BBC 1Xtra, Rinse FM and 6 Music, without the mention of some other individuals like Tom Robinson, MistaJam, Target and many others. Surpassing his streams by over a million, the young singer has been present in some of Spotify’s playlists like:  UK New Music Playlist Friday UK, Chilled Pop Hits and Spotify Hits.

Wilfully Blind escalates this time with a series of songs, a lot of them containing collaborations featuring some of the best talented UK based artists like Manga Saint Hilare , Caleb Femi and KC of DIY collective Last Night in Paris. The Record was also produced by US-based well-known producers A.V. , Sir Dylan and XamVolo.

The EP gives you an overall wavy, radiant feel with a touch of self-motivation. The deep life related lyrics uplift the mood taking us to another dimension. ‘Think We’re Fine’ (ft. Manga Saint Hilare) pulls up a vibrant deep flow, a mix of real sentiment with a nice gloomy groove that makes your soul dance.

‘Russian Roulette’ (ft. Incisive & Caleb Femi) is a well defined personification of someone who has so many personal issues by getting lost and confused creating an atmosphere of a none-ending cycle of actions. The melody and the lyrics go parallel to each other. The production is clearly based on the story and not the music. The song feels like being inside a car and going around a city where you can see everything in different perspectives. The mashup of the upbeat with the downtempo towards the end absorbs the definition of the enigma by giving out this switch by ending up with a beautiful poetry on life.

My personal favourite song from the EP is ‘Take a Minute (Supreme)’ (ft. K.C  from Last Night In Paris). It’s a classic R&B beat that doesn’t seem to get overrated by the dynamic of the vocals leading all along. The changes throughout the chorus and the pop ups of K.C give out a great colour in the crazy ‘Take a Minute’ ride.

Every song has its own style and it’s unique within its state of mind. ‘Everything To Loose’ shows how Sub Blue pours out his expression for how life keeps passing by. The tape sound with the combination of synths and vocal dubs lay out a nice texture in the track.

Wilfully Blind definitely fills up the expectations of his own unique style with a great balance on the songwriting which fabricates a sense of questioning and motivation towards ourselves in life.


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Written by Ana Bulnes