Little Grim: 'Pink Skin / Blue Bruise' / EP Review


Little Grim is a local indie rock band located in South East London. They have everything a good indie band needs - guitars, drums, dreamy vocals and relatable lyrics. But before turning away thinking that it is just another group of hipsters, it is crucial to listen to their music. The band just released their debut EP Pink Skin / Blue Bruise from their own label, Ripple Red. While at first it sounds purely alt-indie, the genre starts to shift, becoming a bit electronic, even jazzy with the rhythms of the drums and some of the riffs on the guitar and other sounds, which is what it makes it so unique and almost catches you by surprise.

In some way, the lyrics of the songs are relatable in this shameful way. It almost exposes the feelings that you can’t really tell anyone. In the song ‘Play Nice’, a person is addressing his inner self questioning why can’t he ‘play nice’ and ‘feel right’. This is quite a familiar situation in several ways, one of which might be the time when you do something wrong and you are questioning yourself, why would you do it if you knew it was going to turn out bad? ‘Infectious’ focuses on a love story, in which you can feel the harm of it but also can’t imagine the reality without it, with lyrics “you’re infectious / I can’t believe I ever lived without you”. The song starts almost acoustically, with vocalist Joe Murphy’s falsetto gently setting the mood. Later on, the instrumental comes in at it almost reminds of the vibe of an English singer Fink with the soft undertones.

This whole EP sound like a struggle, not only between the subject and the outer world, but also with his inner self. Murphy’s voice is so soft and innocent it makes the experiences so real, portrays the subject as a victim, even in front of his own self. This EP feels like a fresh gust of wind in the alt-indie music, taking the genre out of the box.

There will be an EP release party in Paper Dress Vintage on 12 April 2019. Buy tickets here.


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Written by Patricija Pazusyte