Magnus Chapple: 'An Introduction' / Album Review


Magnus Chapple is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from Salisbury, UK. His sound contains a mixture of different techniques and instruments, giving him a unique and special sound. In 2018, his music caught the attention of Villa Lena bossman Jerome Hadey and Magnus began working with him in London, before eventually travelling to the Tuscan countryside to record his debut album with Villa Lena Recordings.

Magnus’ debut album An Introduction is an exploration of deep moments of his life. Despite the 12-song album having a deep and chilled out vibe, Magnus reflects on moments of his life that we can all relate too and creates a montage of emotions for your ears.

The first track on the album ‘Away’ reflects on feeling distant from another person. The track is expressed through the instrumental, but Magnus also drops in a chorus which reveals his ability to touch the listener and express human expression through his voice. The song ‘Internet Baby’ as an intimate message with an upbeat instrumental and catchy lyric that will stay in your mind for a while after listening. The track ‘Vilified’ tells the story of the death of a loved one and how it affects family members.

Magnus Chapple’s An Introduction is perfect for those late-night drives or when you want to wind down and chill out. The album is only half an hour long, but it demands replays as Magnus captures so many emotions and feelings with his unique style.

His tour takes off this Friday, 22nd March in Birmingham with a London date on 3rd April at The Shacklewell Arms. Tickets are on sale now.


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Written by Rizwan Ahmed