The MNGR Presents Nambucca Live: Flore / Artist Review


FLORE is a pop singer-songwriter with an alternative feel. Her performance of deeply personal lyrics over warm synth production and intense rhythms give her music a dark edge. Although FLORE’s music keeps up to date with the international trends by sounding like a hit from the top of the charts, it still has a familiar and unique sound to it.

The Belgian-born artist uses her childhood inspirations, such as Jacques Brel and Julien Clerc, to write both in French and English. FLORE grew up in Brussels, but her desire for new adventures and experiences led her to London where she is currently pursuing her studies. Studying recording and performance has helped her develop her own musical sound.

After years of sharing her music on Soundcloud, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter independently released her music on all platforms. Her latest release, a double A-side single, Florephine, touches on the sensitive subject of heartbreak. The pain that is left after somebody very important hurts you, and it seems that nobody else can feel that, nor can they see how that person affected you. The interesting aspect of Florephine is that it does not sound sad or aggressive, as it should be based on the meaning behind it. FLORE projects the feeling of pain in such a different way. The melody stays pretty mellow while the words give the most powerful emotions to the whole song. Her music is relatable in the most vulnerable way and that’s what makes her one of a kind

FLORE is currently working on her first EP and will be performing in the UK and Belgium over the summer, dates to be announced very soon.


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Written by Patricija Pazusyte