NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: February 22nd

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'Claudia' by FINNEAS

Currently in the middle of a European tour with his sister, Billie Eilish, FINNEAS just released a new single. The song ‘Claudia’ is named after his girlfriend, and the artwork was painted by her. The romantic song was written by FINNEAS on the night that he and Claudia met, and the rest of the song “written a day or two later”. The lyrics are very emotional, filled with devotion and that fiery-feeling of loving someone. The intro and verses have slower instrumentation that builds up the choruses. The varying speeds creates the illusion of the intense emotions that FINNEAS is singing about.


'Tropic of Cancer' by Minor Poet

‘Tropic of Cancer’ is the first single from Minor Poet’s sophomore album The Good News. The album will consist of six-songs and is due for release on May 17th through Sub Pop Records. The song has vibrant twilight-tropicalia instruments layered by Andrew Carter’s dream-pop trance-like vocals. The track is laid out with synths, keys, tambourines, drums, bass, and guitar riffs and finishes with trumpets. The distorted guitar solo is followed by lyrics about wanting to become better and the infectiously catchy chorus sings about repeatedly saying that he’ll be fine. The overall song reflects on Carter’s time as he was coming to terms with lifelong struggles. The lyrics have a blanket of sadness that is balanced out by the instrumentation. The song was released with a lyric video that shows Carter in varying faded bright colours (click here to watch).


'Only Child' by Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is a rapper from Philadelphia, US, who became recognised from her first album Whack World. The 2018 album featured fifteen one-minute long tracks of varying R&B and rap. ‘Only Child’ has been Whack’s first release since. The song has a soothing mood with bitter lyrics about her former lover. Whack exhibits her different vocal styles with syrupy sweet delivery. The song ventures about the upbringing of a former lover being an ‘Only Child’ and taking a stab at his flaws during their relationship.


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Written by Eethan Bello