The MNGR Presents Nambucca Live: Luís / Artist Review


Luís Fernandes grew up in Madeira Island in Portugal and was exposed to music from a very young age, as his parents were both parts of a traditional Portuguese folklore band. At six years old Luís started studying classical piano, and from there on started seeing music as a possible career path, taking the routes of Jeremy Zucker and Alec Benjamin. At school, he learnt how to play the guitar and already at twelve years old started writing and recording original songs. Now Luís is eighteen and he’s studying Music Performance and Recording at UWL, trying to further his capacities as a producer, as well as a performer.

He has been releasing music online for about two years, putting out a few tracks and an EP of all original songs. The latest track put out is called ‘Dazed’, for which the lyric video was just released on his YouTube channel on the 5th of February. The nostalgic vibe of the song is accompanied by a montage of memories recorded in the style of a vintage camera. This song, as well as all of his other tracks, was written and produced completely by him. It’s a song about the state of confusion of having to reconnect with someone who seems to have changed overnight for an unknown reason.

The mixture of acoustic and more electronic elements, as well as Luís’ calm, deep voice, gives off a warm and light-hearted atmosphere. His acoustic music reminds of similar upcoming songwriters such as Lewis Capaldi and Mitch James. It is perfect to listen to during rainy days and chilly evenings with a glass of wine, and reminiscence about those campfire nights with your friends. As for songwriting, a lot of inspiration is pulled from the country genre, as the songs are telling stories, while he also uses them to emotionally handle hard situations in his everyday life.

Along with ‘Dazed’ he produced other songs like ‘LOVEFOOL’ and ‘Get Back’, which have a more of an electronic and upbeat feel. Luís always produces and writes from a genuine place, not only using music as a coping mechanism but also because people can sense honesty. He has already been gigging around Madeira but is now looking forward to playing open mic nights and more venues in London. You can find his music on his Spotify profile or on his YouTube Channel.


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Written by Leonora Alvisi and Aleksandra Pedrasik