The MNGR Presents Nambucca Live: Shaananigin / Artist Review


Shaan Kamblin (Shaananigin) is a singer, songwriter and electronic music producer. Originally from Mumbai, India the musician has been topping the charts back home with his latest album Decadence. Shaan’s Decadence was on the top five albums in India, giving out a great representation of the “DIY” route within the genre of pop. He has proven to be a great self-motivator to many people and has built up a wide range of fans.

Shaananigin’s latest album Decadence takes us to unique poppy vibes that gives an opening statement to the digital-vocal era. Giving out a personality to his voice, he has been using his voice as a creative digital instrument which has allowed his sound to be unique and quite bright. Decadence has come along with a mix of natural warm vocals taking up space in the high range which makes it even more dynamic. His songwriting skills give out a diverse set of subjects. One of them being the struggles of success and competition, 'Ethereal Cupcake' which is one of his latest singles.

Now currently living in West London, Shaan has come across to different creative processes that have allowed him to connect with a variety of sounds and has given him opportunities to engage more with his audience.


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Written by Ana Bulnes