Ellie Jayne: 'Lunchtime' / EP Review


‘Lunchtime’ is Ellie Jayne’s four-track debut EP produced by Jack Phillips and Cam Molyviatis. The EP is released under new record label Pink Noise Records. All songs in the EP were written by Jayne, with Annie, Please co-written with Chris Kelsey from Burnt Tongues. Jayne is also a musician, she plays the guitar, piano, alto sax, and soprano sax.

Originally from Canterbury in Kent, she now resides in West London. Growing up, she was surrounded by genres of Rock and Roll and Reggae from her parents and Indie Pop/Acoustics from her siblings. Being introduced to unknown artists has inspired Jayne to be who she is today. Her music taste doesn’t stick to just one genre; her favourite artists and bands include Lucy Rose, Emmy The Great, The Killers, Queen, Buddy Holly, UB40 and Bloc Party. Jayne’s varying musical taste can be heard through her mixed-genre EP.

Lunchtime was created with the thought in mind that there’s a song for everyone. Jayne wanted to create a diverse EP that would be enjoyed by people who don’t just stick to one genre, much like herself. She describes ‘Addicted’ akin to the 90’s era and it’s a song about being hooked to your other half. ‘On The Line’ is Gary Newman and pop music inspired, it’s a song about being ‘on the line’ and left in the unknown about your relationship status. ‘And Again’ is very bedroom pop which was written when Jayne was only 15 years-old. ‘Annie, Please’ is an acoustic chill track that includes Jayne and Kelsey harmonising almost throughout the track.


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Written by Eethan Bello