dannyfreeman: 'Blankets' / Album Review


The music of Daniel Sappore, also known as dannyfreeman, features laid-back grooves accented by lo-fi production and its expected stylings. His new album Blankets is an easy listen and falls well within the realm of chilled out study beats which is an ever-increasing genre for lo-fi music.

Having lived in Gambia, Amsterdam and now situated in London, dannyfreeman has been exposed to a wide array of sounds from a young age all contributing to the unique textures he crafts within his own music.

Stand out tracks from his new album include opener 'Growth' which boasts off-rhythm drums and at time dissonant synth lines. The merger of these two elements set the scene for the rest of the album which is a cohesive listening experience with each song flowing into each other respectfully.

'One for the Gambia' showcases the producers Hip-Hop roots as well as builds upon the general vibe of the album and adds something fresh to the sonic atmosphere.

Blankets is now out on all streaming platforms and is a great accompaniment to any study session or relaxed rainy day.

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