Rock & roll is dead... or so they say. In a way, the classic rock we’ve come to know commencing from the 1950’s up until the 90’s is all but completely diminished, however, lately, there has been a resurgence of these nostalgic riffs and anthems.

A band that has effortlessly managed to incorporate these elements to suit a present-day atmosphere are The Lids. Stemming from the Leicester area of the East Midlands, the indie rock band is comprised of brothers Liam Butler, singer and bassist, Rhys Butler, guitarist, and drummer Sam Deas.

Their music is exciting and fresh, and enticing. Particularly their newest single ‘Delectable’ for which they also released a music video this past Friday, is a great encapsulation of the band’s sound. Upon hearing it live at Camden’s Aces and Eights, it initially brings you back to the past with a distant connection to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, as both songs possess a unique urgency and fervour. As the tune progresses and the lyrics come in, The Lids manage to distinguish it from outside influences that have given inspiration to the track and give it a signature sound.

Anyone who’s been to Camden’s Aces and Eights knows that the downstairs gig area is a very intimate setting, with a capacity of 50 people. When they performed there on the 14th of April, not a single person amongst the crowd was immune from the headbanging and hip swaying hypnotism the lads seemed to have cast over the room.

What seems to be forgotten at gigs is that the band not only composes the music, but also the atmosphere. This is a most integral part of the experience that has the ability to alter a concert from being just another night at the pub to an unforgettable experience. There’s nothing better than getting to watch a tight sounding and well-rehearsed band, and that’s precisely what The Lids delivered. The importance to connect with the audience is apparent in their stage manner, as they remain enthusiastic and engaged with the crowd.

A song that was particularly a creative melange of both the 80’s meeting the 90’s was their track, Skin. The music was 1980’s Scorpion with 1990’s vocals. In all, the material they’re producing now is a more sophisticated sound that is more complex as they test their boundaries and explore the new potentials within their music.

Having a steady and loyal fan base in their hometown, The Lids are slowly but surely growing in recognition all around. Being great Leicester City fans themselves, the band has found an unlikely ally in celebrated football player Christian Fuchs, who endorses the boys and remains an avid fan of their music.

Bottom line, The Lids possess the eclectic talent of being able to draw on influences from past artists and incorporate that seamlessly within their own music without it sounding replicated. They are a band to keep on the lookout, as with the progress they are achieving now will most catapult them into a mainstream audience in no time.

Written by Devon Potter