Keeping Up With Kanye: Breaking Down the King of Twitter's Rants


Kanye’s doing his Kanye best but ends up getting himself into a Kanye mess. Twitter seems to be his tantrum platform where he rages and rants at mostly incohesive topics that only Kanye would think to share in a volatile manner on Twitter.

The whole debacle started when Kanye tweeted his support for American President-Elect, Donald Trump.

Additionally, Kanye within his rant managed to drag President Obama into the narrative by chiding his time in office and complaining that he did not do enough for Chicago in his eight years as president.

We don’t precisely know what he means by ‘dragon energy’ however many fans and music industry insiders took heavy offence to Kanye’s support of the controversial leader of the United States, who has particularly demonstrated racial prejudice and discriminatory sentiments to basically all non-white races.

Famous singer, Chance the Rapper, in an attempt to defend Kanye’s tweets, also found himself in hot water.

In a way, Chance seemed to be under the impression that the issue was a partisan struggle (democrat vs. republican), but what many fans later pointed out was that it’s not that Kanye is supporting a ‘Republican’ candidate (I use that term lightly as some of Trump’s opinions and views do not all align with republican principles), rather that he supports a man who has been known for being racist, bigoted, sexist, and having an overall despicable reputation.

Chance Later retracted this statement with an apology.

Famously known for exposing private conversations (i.e text messages, snapchat stories) on his favourite social media platform, Kanye aired a text message from a close friend and fellow musician, John Legend, where it looked as if Legend was attempting to reason with the notorious hot head.

Kanye’s wife and social media mogul Kim Kardashian had a lot to add as well.

Once his Trump segment was over, in Kanye fashion, he announced his musical collaborations and hope for new professional ventures.

With all his venting and spouting, and clamour and ruckus, Kanye has stirred the pot and started conversations. He is a social media genius when it comes to publicity. As his family’s livelihood depends on his and his wife’s standing in today’s pop culture, the more noise and attention Kanye draws to himself, the more views and mentions he gets, thus cementing his relevance.

As Kim Kardashian mentioned in her tweets, though Kanye has struggled with his mental health in the past, Kanye has always been known for his outbursts, so much so that they are now synonymous with his brand. And that is precisely how he gets an audience: he does his outlandish schtick, brings in the crowds and releases content (whether it be his dystopian fashion line or his music ventures).

Final verdict: Is Kanye mental? He’s got his demons. Is he the King of publicity stunts? 100% yes.

On the whole, though, he has kept us enticed for the new music that he has, according to his tweets, single-handedly produced, and we look forward to hearing the self-professed Shakespeare's new work.

Written by Devon Potter