ONE NOT TO MISS: Client Liaison


A well known fact pertaining to all facets concerning life is the cyclical nature of our world. Fashion trends, politics, food fads, literature, movies. Music is no different to this. Thus, we are seeing the re-emergence of certain characteristics of songs from previous decades. One notable decade that has made a return in full swing is the 80’s. The new wave rock and dance tunes dominating the era were abundant in rock-to-pop crossover guitar riffs with plenty of keyboard and synthesiser stingers.

One such band that incorporates theses nostalgia elements into their music is Australian duo, Client Liaison. Having formed in 2009, the group made up of Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan have since released an EP in 2014 and a full studio album in November of 2017 last year.

Characterised as electronic indie pop, the two Aussies are a force to be reckoned with. Not only does their music embody the 1980’s, their look and image is also a throwback to the time period. This symbiotic relationship of their music and personal brand is quite impressive, as they do not shy away from the association with the past, rather, contrarily, fully embrace their passé association.

Client Liaison are not afraid to go along with the gimmicky 1980’s facade that has been associated with them. Most of the common criticism of the band is that they are recycling old 80’s fashion and sound, however, as opposed to rebuffing the snarky observations, they have taken this and fueled it into their creative image. Their music videos have the slight tinge of irony embedded in them, in a way signifying that they are well aware of how they are presenting themselves as a blast from the past and that they couldn’t care less.

Notable songs that stood out include ‘World of Our Love’, ‘Pretty Lovers’, ‘A Foreign Affair’, ‘Hotel Sta'y’ and last but not least ‘Where Do We Belong’. In addition to their music, they also offer a limited clothing line at Urban Outfitters, further demonstrating their wide array of projects.

Currently, it looks as if the duo are headed to the U.K., notably Heaven the nightclub this coming March, so make sure to stay posted on these nostalgia Aussies.

Written by Devon Potter