LGBT History Month


As part of LGBT History Month, the UWL LGBTQ+ Society is hosting a number of events over the next week, starting with a pub quiz takeover in Freddies on Tuesday 20th and featuring a range of events from a debate night to a West 5 night. A full list of events can be found HERE.

In collaboration with this, The MNGR team have put together a list of our favourite LGBTQ+ artists and created a playlist for your listening pleasure.


Hayley Kiyoko

Originally known for her role as Velma in the 2009 and 2010 Scooby-Doo films, and for playing Stella in Lemonade Mouth, Hayley Kiyoko has recently revealed a more mature side to herself in the release of a number of successful singles in the past year. The 26-year-old speaks openly about her sexuality on stage and off and the self-directed video for Feelings shows Hayley's twist on a classic music video storyline seen in Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel. Kiyoko strives to bring about the representation of female relationships that she always dreamed of seeing and has gained a committed following in doing so. 

Troye Sivan

Troye emerged into music following the growing success of his YouTube channel. His 2013 Coming Out video amassed over 7.5 Million views and he has since used his music videos as a means to express his sexuality and tell stories of his experiences with it. Troye does not hold back when it comes to his queer identity and the once shy Aussie can now be regularly seen dancing freely on stage and late night TV, bleached hair and painted nails included.

Gavin Russom (LCD Soundsystem)

Best known for her role as synth player and resident technician in LCD Soundsystem, Gavin Russom announced her transition in 2017 after taking a year for some self-care, finding solace in New York's large community of trans women. Gavin, who also performs as Black Meteoric Star is an established acid-house and techno DJ and is well recognised in the electronic music industry as a synth engineer, creating custom analogue synthesisers.

Kevin Abstract (Brockhampton)

Brockhampton label themselves as 'the internet's first boyband' and Kevin Abstract's impressive Twitter following and collection of viral tweets assures us there is truth behind that statement. Officially known as Ian Simpson, his raps regularly feature lyrics about being gay and his struggles with his mother's homophobia.


Youtuber and musician Dodie Clarke speaks (and sings) candidly about her bisexuality. She is part of the large LGBTQ+ community on YouTube and uses her platform to discuss factors surrounded this part of her identity. She tours regularly and even has LCM alumni as part of her team.


Three piece girlband Muna recently toured with Harry Styles but their music and lyrics make them worth remembering on their own. Their empowering lyrics on injustice and controversial subjects pair with uplifting synth-pop to create memorable hits.


California native Kehlani originally aspired to be a dancer, training in ballet and modern dance, however a knee injury lead her to focus on her singing. She has since collaborated with Chance The Rapper and was featured of the soundtrack to DC’s Suicide Squad. She has openly discussed her relationships with both boys and girls and the confusion surrounding the way bisexuality is spoken about.


Ashley Nicolette Frangipane speaks frequently of her bisexuality and is famous for being outspoken on such matters. She released ‘Strangers’ with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, another artist who is well known for speaking about her bisexuality.

Syd (The Internet and Odd Future)

‘Syd the Kyd’ has been known under a number of moniker’s during her career from her past membership of Odd Future to her solo music. She has received backlash from the LGBT community in the past due to the nature of the hip-hop collectives lyrics and her apparent misogyny, despite her introverted nature. However, with more recent moves, she hopes to leave this controversy behind.

Frank Ocean

This former Odd Future member was the second to come out, following Syd. Frank Ocean famously came out via a letter posted to his Tumblr page. Though lyrically, his sexuality isn’t frequently discussed, Frank Ocean has played a big role in the redefinition of what it’s like to be a queer, black male.