CIPHERS: 'Back From The Dead' / Single Review


CIPHERS, the dynamic UWL based duo are following up their October single ‘Don't Speak’ with electronic pop banger ‘Back From The Dead’.

The start of the track leaves no one behind. Filled with glorious harmony and isolated vocals that seep smoothly into your ear drums, the chorus hook is established and the listener is engrossed.

Transitioning into the verse, the production value is undoubted. Complimenting the pop style lyrics and feel of the song, the sound of the track is forever clear and balanced.

Contrasting and melodic guitar lines jump out of the track and merge with a spacious sonic field as well as great sounding percussion.

Not only have CIPHERS created a highly commercial song, but also one with a superbly creative mix. Consistently changing and evolving, the track slowly carries the audience to the chorus where they are met with the same excellent vocal delivery as the intro. However now with even more energy and likability due to the rush of sound and instrumentation backing the singing.

By the time the song has been heard all the way through, you are a slave to the catchyness of this well written number. The hooks rattle about your head and cry out for further listening.

CIPHERS ‘Back From The Dead’ is a dramatic joy of a listening experience and one to certainly check out.

Written by Hugo Lagnado