Revolvers: 'Your Indie Heroes Will Betray You' / EP Review


As I pressed the first track of Revolvers' new EP, Your Indie Heroes Will Betray You, the tune ‘The Nightclub Circuit’ commenced with a high tempo guitar riff, immediately engaging my head banging tendencies. What came thereafter was the voice of what could only be described as the fictional love child between Alex Turner and Van McCann following in their footsteps and belting out to some indie tunes.

As you’ve probably reckoned, indeed Turner and McCann to do not have a love child (also, scientifically difficult to procure), the voice instead belonging to James Thurling, lead singer and one of the founding members of the group. The band, having initially formed in October of 2016, has since gone through some significant changes, ditching the ‘The’ from the bands name and going simply by Revolvers as well as switching up and adding more members. The band as it stands now is Will Oliver, a fellow UWL student, on rhythm guitar, Josiah Mortimer on bass and Rhys Kibble playing the drums.

The refreshing aspect of the Revolvers is their plethora of original content. The band has an ear for going with the unconventional compositions, yet making them a listenable pleasure. Two songs that stood out to me especially were ‘Fever’ and ‘Reply’.

The song I particularly enjoyed most would be ‘Fever’, personally being more keen towards the rock genre. Possessing elements more native to grunge rock, the song had faint hints of Muse influences especially in the chorus, slightly reminiscent of their song ‘Super Massive Black Hole’. It’s important to keep in mind that, though mostly unintentionally, all songs borrow and take elements from each other, that’s just the way music works. What Revolvers did right, however, is to incorporate elements from other songs, but retain a signature element that differentiates themselves from the latter. To reiterate, it has some faint similarities that reference the band's influences, however, I tip my hat to the lads for delivering a solid, signature piece.

‘Reply’ is a song I could see myself listening to in the car, on a serene walk, or when in dire need of reflection and reevaluation of life situations. Though the initial guitar intro has a western era tinge to it, Thurling keeps the voice melodic that ideally complements the instrumental aspects of this piece. My favourite part of the song would be the chorus that holds true to the indie-alt genre’s signature sound, meaning a more rock-ish and punchy verse that juxtaposes with the overall calmness of the composition. The significant pauses in the song let the music sink in and develop in the listener's minds, giving time to closely take in and listen to the lyrics. In all, this track is one of the strongest on the EP, a true standout above the rest.

Unfortunately, and as hard as I tried, the titular song ‘Your Indie Heroes Will Betray You’ happened to be my least favourite of the EP. There was nothing wrong with it, per say, however, it didn’t quite possess the level of excellence I had come to expect from their other tracks. It was lacking a Je-ne-sais-quoi aspect. Lyrically, on the other hand, I found the composition quite clever. Though I had to listen to it quite a few times, the references to different indie artists and the musings of music listeners blindly following indie trends without question brings up a poignant aspect of fan loyalty. In one of the verses, Thurling sings about approaching an indie band and how his critique was met with resentment and a widespread rebuff, thus delivering the cautionary note, your indie heroes will betray you.

All in all, the EP ended on a good note with ‘Reply’, the song described above, leaving a bittersweet note of having enjoyed the tracks but leaving me wanting more. Revolvers’ endeavours on a whole were well received with great music and creative lyrics. As the band is still relatively new, it is evident that in some of their songs they are still searching for their signature sound, but on a whole, I see an auditory distinction on the horizon.

Revolvers have a couple prospective gigs in the near future. Go check them out at the Dublin Castle in Camden this Thursday, 8th Feb, or on the 21st at Horton’s, The Underbelly. All ticket info is on their Facebook page, so make sure to have a look and give them a like if you enjoy what you hear.

Overall, Revolvers can only get better at this point and we are eagerly anticipating what the band has in store for the future.

Written by Devon Potter