She’s gone from DJing in worn down basements to selling out a few hundred-capacity shows. You might have spotted Yaeji on BBC’s Sound of 2018 Longlist, or you might have heard the praises from Boiler Room and Resident Advisor. Either way, the DJ/producer/singer/rapper (or just a pure artist) is definitely one distinctive sound that you shouldn’t sleep on in 2018.

The 24-year-old Korean-American Kathy Lee has so far released two EPs, both within 2017. Having moved between various places in America and Korea early on in her life, she’s got her suitcase filled to the brim; something that is noticeable in her music. Her latest release, EP2, touches on the subject of displacement as a result of growing up between the two countries.

She has somehow bagged herself a huge fan base outside of the dance music scene, even with favourites like ‘Feel It Out’ and ‘Guap’ - ones that are obviously aimed to attract your local, giddy house head. She’s created such an admirable personality in her music by mixing in her mellow, laid-back vocal combined with the rotating languages; she’s finding her own little space in-between being a performer and a full-on technical DJ.

‘Raingurl’ is a pure bop. There’s no-bullshit beat, just lyrics that will certainly follow you for days on after, circling your brain and distracting you from the pile of uni work you definitely should be doing. There’s something so entrancing about it all; a small, aesthetical human with clear glasses singing/rapping about vodka and clubs while alternating between Korean and English. Her whole project is an intriguing change in the house music scene, a place that is still largely dominated by the male species.

Yaeji is undeniably the face of what our generation is further developing into. The sly underground house beats float perfectly in with the gentle synths. Whether you’re going to hear her in your resident club every Thursday or through your headphones being lost in Clapham, her crisp new sound will keep your head bopping. You can watch her at Coachella this year.

Written by Annika Singh