The MNGR Presents: Denio, Nadia Sheikh, Revolvers, New Age Thrills, and DJ Bait-Z / Gig Review


It was an evening of entertainment, laughter and, above all, good music. Gathering on a Monday night at the University of West London’s Freddie’s Bar at the St. Mary’s Campus, The MNGR was host to some amazing bands from the London area.



The gig began with the band New Age Thrills opening. Having previously only consisted of Sophia Brennan on vocals and Jack Charles on guitar, it was a pleasant surprise to find the addition of a bass to the band. Growing one member at a time, NAT delivered their standard lineup: alternative pop ballads with appropriate alterations to deliver the bands originality.



The next act for the evening was the indie rock band, Revolvers. With their riffs reminiscent of Foals or Catfish and the Bottlemen, the band put on a solid performance and had the crowd gregariously engaged. Contributing greatly to the theme of the night, their original songs and sounds conveyed what could be described as hard-edged rock with softer overtones, as is most popular of the indie genre.



Nadia Sheikh was next to perform with her band and was considered as one of the night’s crowd favourites. Rock is the first word that comes to mind when describing her set: the image, the music, the vibe of the set. Though like all gigs, we have people mingling and enjoying conversation, the audience was audibly more silent to intake Nadia’s performance. Overall, it was a stellar performance.



Our headliners for the evening was Denio, and they did not fail to give a good show. Similar to Revolvers, Denio is also an indie rock band that portrayed many characteristics of its genre. The chemistry between the band members contributed to their overall performance, enhancing the magnetic excitement that was not only felt onstage but in the listeners, as well.



Lastly, we closed the evening with UWL’s own DJ Bait-Z. The crowd, having by the end of the evening consumed abundantly from the bar, was loose and grooving to Bait-Z’s set. In a whirlwind of events, there seemed to have formed a mosh pit, engulfing many bystanders all in good fun.

The MNGR would like to extend many thanks to all artists having performed that evening, as well as the audience for having shown their support for local and UWL talent. We look forward to putting on more nights like these in future.

Written by Devon Potter