Bears In Trees: ‘Just Five More Minutes’ / Album Preview


Using a rich stew of personal experience towards teenage angst, relationship failure and depression; Bears In Trees blend honest tales with a sugar coating of upbeat indie pop to make the pill easier to swallow (and to dance with).

Originating from South London, Bears In Trees formed from four school boy’s desire to write songs and music together. All their music is produced by drummer George Berry and the sense of cohesiveness within the band is evident through their call and response vocal lines and tight musicianship.

Having gained momentum through social media and Spotify (40,000 listeners) with no aid from record labels or management, the band is set to release their next album Just Five More Minutes across all major music services on August 14th.

Their vibe is very much reminiscent of bands like The Wombats with catchy, fun and quirky lyrics that play with and engage the listener. Bright and charmy guitar lines supplied by guitarist Nicholas Peters fuse together with percussive ukulele textures to craft a groove and melancholy feel.

‘Good Rhymes For Bad Times’, the single from Bears In Tree’s upcoming album, shows off what the band represents stylistically and their core elements. Vocal lines swapped to and fro’ between lead vocalist Callum Litchfield and bassist Iain Gillespie again highlights the clear friendship in the band and the welcoming and lively music draw the listener into their world.

Arrangement wise, the band make use of a horn section throughout the album which amplifies the mood and flow of the tracks creatively. This is heard on the track ‘Musical’ which discusses the emotions involved in ageing and the transition of moving away from teenagehood into adulthood. This is something everyone can relate too in all walks of life, thus broadening the band’s audience and horizons towards whom they entertain.

Inspiration from bands such as The Front Bottoms can also be heard in their craft through the use of building a song from a seemingly pointless and insignificant conversation or action and then applying hidden and deeper meaning by letting the auditor fill in what is unsaid. This is demonstrated by the track ‘4AM’ which is about waking up in the morning. However, upon further listening, it is clear it examines the struggles of mental health.

Bears In Trees promise a convivial attitude towards life. Although their words are rooted in the hardships of reality and the human experience, they clearly aim to show and represent that it’s not all that bad and nothing is stopping you from enjoying the positive aspects of your existence.

Check out Bears in Trees below. Their album Just Five More Minutes is out August 14th.


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Written by Hugo Lagnado