The MNGR SILO Launch Event Presents: Julian Graham / Gig Review


Introducing the first act from Monday the 13 of March, Julian Graham.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Julian is a solo singer and songwriter now based in London. His biggest musical influences are John Mayer, Jamie Cullum and Noel Gallagher, two of which he has already had the chance to see live with his final dream of seeing John Mayer happening this year 2017 which will “fulfil his life-long dream”.

Starting the night off with his new official single ‘Eternal’ telling a story about a summer romance, his mixture of Britpop/Blues and Rock sound takes the stage capturing the audience’s attention. Julian’s vocals take the tone of a soulful, deep and husky version of John Mayer.

Playing guitar through the mic instead of pick-up had no issues, his playing was immaculate and in time and in the low lighting setting started the show off with harmony. The set list for night was as followed; ‘Eternal’, ‘Latin Eviction’, ‘Barcelona’, ‘Radiate’, ‘Music Got Through to the Solider’ and ‘Sex and Suffering’.

One of his debut singles from the night, ‘Music Got Through to the Solider’ (released on the 19th of February 2016) has previously attracted highly positive response, gaining airplay in the UK, Canada and Australia after he won the “Life You Choose Battle of the Band” competition.

With each song handwritten by Julian, the meaning behind the lyrics really carried through. Julian’s writing style tends to depend on his “life and where I am in the moment”.

Singing originals will gain this artist high response in future shows.


Exclusively introducing each song, Julian’s background really connects and enables him to engage with his audience. Fans of Julian’s showed their support, taking photos and videos.

Julian’s plan for the future is a small UK tour and aiming to release an EP by the end of 2017, going on to the dream of headlining Glastonbury in a few years time.

As a part of the MNGR’s launch event, Julian has given us the exclusive premiere of his brand new music video for his single ‘Eternal’.

Julian is an artist to watch out for and follow over the next couple of years, with his background beginning in small venues across South Africa, he seems to capture whichever environment he’s in. We are looking forward to his versatile and popular style growing and hope to host this act again in the future.


Julian’s two singles ‘Music Got Through to the Solider’ and ‘Eternal’ are both available on Spotify and iTunes.


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Written by Holly Loweth and Laurence Shoen