Dumi Oburota — The Man Behind the Man


The very inspiring Dumi Oburota, created something from nothing, leading him to become the founding director of Disturbing London, co-founded by Tinie Tempah. Not only is Disturbing London an independent record label, it is a combination of music, fashion, branding and publishing. The only company of its type in Europe. Dumi actually calls Disturbing London a “lifestyle brand”, as it symbolises London and everything that every individual who is part of the label, represents.

Although Dumi attempted to start his own career as a rapper, realisation struck that he would not have been good enough to compete with other artists in the same genre. Continuing with that passion for music and hungry to be a part of the music industry, Dumi made that all important decision to become a manager.

He started off his managing career with his main act, the very successful Tinie Tempah. He did this by spending his student loan money on getting Tinie studio time. He did everything necessary to create extra income to invest in Tinie and to aid the advancement of both their careers. Dumi must be doing something right, being the driving force behind Tinie, whilst he has accumulated a large number of awards including British Single of the Year, Best UK Hip Hop/Grime Act, Album of the Year, and Best International Act just to name a few. Distrubing London is not only home to Tinie, but a range of different acts from different background, including Sasha Keable, DJ Charlesy, Yungen, Wizkid, etc.

Plans to expand Disturbing London internationally on all different levels will only increase the success of the label, especially with his ambition to expand his office to LA. For Dumi and Disturbing London, 2017 is set to become an exciting, lucrative and rewarding year, bringing in that well deserved recognition to the London music scene and industry.

Written by Rae-Anne Duquemin-Miller