Everyone’s crazy for Shawn Mendes


Millions of people are following him on social networks. Only 18 years old and he has already been famous for three years. He is the young Canadian singer-songwriter, the new idol of teenagers, who recently performed for X Factor in Italy. Shawn Mendes, 18 years old, grew up in Canada, but his father is Portuguese, and his mother is English. Like his compatriot Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes was able to pursue a career as an artist thanks to the internet world.

He became famous on the web by posting on the social network called Vine with covers of some songs. Within a few months he had reached over one million followers. In 2014 he signed a contract with the record label Island Records and released his first single ‘Life of the Party’, therefore becoming at 15 years old, the youngest artist in the Top25 of the US Billboard Hot 100. With the previous success, the single ‘Stitches’, in 2015, this guy, just 16 years old, has been described by the Time Magazine as one of the most influential teenagers in the world.

But why do teenagers like Shawn Mendes so much? Asking them would be useless, because we could get trivial answer, such as “because he is beautiful and he has talent”. Perhaps because when he sings he does it with suffering and melancholy, as in his latest ‘Mercy’, which melts the hearts of young girls.

In fact, nowadays girls prefer the nice guy who plays hockey and football and who has learned to play guitar from YouTube tutorials, instead of the usual ‘bad boy’. In addition, he has points of references from Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, and he does not get scared by the huge success as a teenager, but he still commits more to deserve it. Shawn Mendes is a moderate and respectful boy, as respectful and slightly crazy as his fans looks.

The singer was also invited on the stage of the People’s Choice Awards in January 2016 to collect his award for best artist to discover. Very excited, the young man thanked all those who supported him and helped him to get to his point that is just the beginning of a promising career.

Written by Beatrice Brambilla Pisoni