Industry Associations: Musicians' Union


Would you like to have a career in music? Do you need advice on how to strive to be the best you can be? Are you unsure where to begin? A fantastic way for musicians to promote their work, gain industry experience and also connect with like-minded musicians is through the Musicians Union.

This union is respected globally and offers advice on topics ranging from music industry work, rates and contracts right through to playing live on stage, composing and recording techniques. If you are unsure of the legal business side and you don’t want to deal with property right or unpaid fees, then you don’t have to! You’re a musician, not a lawyer! Your MU will help you through it.

There is something for everyone to benefit within their union as events are held across the globe to network your own talent or recruit someone else. The main aspect of this trade union is to connect. This could be promotion one-to-one teaching or group lessons on a specific instrument or selling instruments online.

To top it all off the MU has student discount prices for you to enjoy an entire year of benefits.

Written by Jenna Loughran