Bring Me The Horizon at O2 Arena / Gig Review


“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be alive.” When Oliver Sykes, the singer of Bring Me The Horizon says this, everyone feels that he means it. His life depends on his live shows and so seem to do the lives of his fans. The two hours his fans and the band spent together on Monday the 31st October at the O2 Arena were pure magic in many ways.

Never having seen them at a dedicated BMTH concert before (only at festivals), I was really looking forward to the show. Put simply, they exceeded my expectations greatly. From beginning to the end, BMTH delivered a musically and visually outstanding show. Compared to their summer festival shows, they worked hard on their performance and they brought new visuals to their fall tour. The background visuals for each song were carefully and meticulously designed to underline every musical detail to heighten the atmosphere and take it to another level. Each song’s video matched the song perfectly and expanded the story the song was telling.

The O2 was almost sold out and the audience was very interactive jumping, singing, and screaming throughout the whole evening. On some occasions Sykes famously asked the crowd to do a circle pit which worked very well. The songs that they played were from their two most recent albums Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit. They included one well-known song from their earlier album Suicide Season to the set list.

For each concert on their European tour this fall, BMTH offer a uniquely designed t-shirt. At their O2 London show that t-shirt sold out very fast, which means that the band and their whole team did a great job. After the show, people left in an excellent state of mind. Some stayed around the O2, others went to the tube and buses, all seeming very satisfied with what they just experienced.

Written by Laurence Schoen